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Alumina ceramic end effector

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Alumina end effector / Ceramic end effector / Precision ceramic end effector

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Highly purified ceramic raw materials
  • Accept product customization according to customer needs
  • Fully equipped and exquisite technology: sintering, static pressing, grinding, polishing, finishing, etc.
  • Provide mature processing solutions
  • Superior performance, quality and quantity, precision machining

Product Details

Alumina ceramic end effector/ceramic robotic arm:

Ceramic end effectors, also known as ceramic fingers, ceramic arms, ceramic robotic arms, etc., (ceramic arms) constitute the end of the robotic arm for manipulating and moving semiconductor wafers between different positions. It's basically a robotic hand, so its thermal and dimensional stability is important, and it doesn't contaminate the chamber with particles or chemical contaminants.

The role of ceramic end effectors:

Ceramic arms are used to manipulate and carry silicon wafers throughout the production process of semiconductor processing (semiconductor wafer fabrication). It can handle large wafers and vacuum channels can be designed to hold parts.The following is a display of several products produced by our company:


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