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Alumina ceramic blood valve

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Alumina blood valve / Ceramic blood valve / Precision ceramic blood valve

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Highly purified ceramic raw materials
  • Accept product customization according to customer needs
  • Fully equipped and exquisite technology: sintering, static pressing, grinding, polishing, finishing, etc.
  • Provide mature processing solutions
  • Superior performance, quality and quantity, precision machining

Product Details

Alumina ceramic blood valve

Alumina ceramic blood divider valve is used for precision blood sampling, blood analysis, blood distribution in automated hematology systems (blood analyzers). Our products are custom designed and manufactured to meet customer specific requirements for medical diagnostic equipment, clinical systems and analytical laboratory instruments.

Ceramic blood split valve assemblies consist of precision fabricated ceramic discs with very precise machined holes for metering blood reagents. The valve assembly is made of high-purity 99.5% alumina, chosen for its high chemical (acid) resistance and smooth surface finish.

With years of experience in manufacturing blood sampling analysis valves, we provide customers with systematic and critical assessments of the functionality associated with their products to help them reduce costs without compromising functionality. This value analysis helps our clients develop new product lines and conduct critical scrutiny of existing product lines. Offers custom valves in a wide range of medical devices and analytical instruments, including blood separation, hematology, medical testing instruments and other pumping applications.

To find out how we can provide advanced ceramic valves for your blood system, contact us today.

Dongguan Huamin Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd

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