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What are the characteristics of zirconia ceramic rings?
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Zirconia ceramics have phase transformation and crack toughness, so they have excellent hardness and toughness, so zirconia ceramic rings are called ceramic steels. Its fracture toughness is relatively high compared to other ceramics. Therefore, we optimized the formulation and manufacturing process of zirconia, resulting in a fine-grained zirconia ceramic with high hardness, high strength and high toughness.

The characteristics of high hardness, high strength and high toughness of zirconia ceramics ensure that zirconia ceramics have higher wear resistance than other traditional structural ceramics. The surface roughness of the fine-grained ceramics is lower than 0.1um, so the friction coefficient and frictional force of the ceramics are relatively small, thereby improving the quality of the wire drawing.


Zirconia ceramic ring features:

1. High temperature resistance

2. Wear-resistant acid corrosion

3. High precision and hardness

4. Long service life

5. Very high surface finish

6. Minimal friction and residuals

7. Low thermal expansion coefficient

8. Inert chemical stability

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