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What are the applications of zirconia ceramic cutters?
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What is a zirconia ceramic tool? You must have heard of or used zirconia ceramic knives. Zirconia ceramic knives are also a kind of knives as the name suggests, but zirconia knives are different from ordinary knives used in daily life. Why is it different? Let Huamin Ceramics share it with you below.

Zirconia Ceramic Cutter Ceramic inserts for high-tech cutting. Some application areas continue to put forward higher and more special requirements for blades. Zirconia ceramic cutters are blades that can well meet this requirement. Numerous leading companies in the thin film, medical technology and electronics industries are consciously using ceramic blades to increase production efficiency.

The benefits of zirconia ceramic cutters:

1. Very high anti-corrosion performance

2. Made of corrosion-resistant ceramics, suitable for corrosive cutting objects

3. Anti-static, no electrostatic loading

4. Long service life, up to 6 times longer than ordinary steel knives

5. Very wear-resistant, low friction coefficient, clean cutting edge

6. Can withstand high temperature below 1000°C

In industrial production industries such as petrochemical equipment, chemical fibers, nuclear energy, aerospace and mechanical equipment manufacturing, higher requirements are clearly put forward for zirconia ceramic high temperature cutting knives. Long-term stable operation under strict standards such as strong corrosion and solid particles.

Zirconia ceramic cutter material is a raw material with excellent properties among non-carbon raw materials. It is resistant to corrosion, heat and wear, and is famous for its high compressive strength and high ductility. By making the zirconia ceramic cutting knife, the service time of the zirconia ceramic cutting knife can be increased, the number of disassembly and replacement is reduced, the cost is reduced, and the efficiency is improved.

Zirconia ceramic cutter has high strength, high toughness, high density, high hardness, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and has been widely used in the field of grinding media. In recent years, zirconia ceramics has developed into a new type of inorganic matrix material due to its good chemical stability and high mechanical strength, and has shown broad application prospects in biochemistry, pharmaceutical industry and other fields.

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