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Uses of ceramic robotic arms
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Ceramic arm, also known as ceramic finger, ceramic manipulator, end effector, etc., (ceramic manipulator) constitutes the end of the manipulator for manipulating and moving semiconductor wafers between different positions. It's basically a robotic hand, so its thermal and dimensional stability is important, and it doesn't contaminate the chamber with particles or chemical contaminants.


Ceramic arms are used to manipulate and carry silicon wafers throughout production in a semiconductor process. It can handle large wafers and vacuum channels can be designed to hold parts.

In robotics, an end effector is a device or tool attached to the end of a robotic arm where the hand will be. The end effector is the part of the robot that interacts with the environment. The structure of the end effector and the nature of the programming and hardware that drives it depend on the task the robot will perform. If the robot needs to pick up something, a robotic hand called a gripper is the most efficient end effector.

Ceramics have superior mechanical, electrical and thermal properties and are ideal for high-quality components. The durability of fine ceramics makes them ideal for abrasive mechanical and thermal loads as well as chemically harsh environments.

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