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The use of macor can process glass ceramics
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Macor ceramics have the versatility of high-performance polymers, the workability of metals and the performance of advanced technical ceramics. It is a hybrid glass ceramic and offers a unique combination of characteristics of two material families. Macor ceramic is an excellent electrical and thermal insulator, with good performance in high temperature, vacuum and corrosive environments.

    One of the main advantages of macor ceramics is that it can be processed using traditional metal processing tools. Compared with other technical ceramics, this can significantly speed up turnover and reduce production costs, making it an excellent material for prototyping and mid-volume production.

    Macor ceramics were developed decades ago and are used on the space shuttle to prevent heat transfer to the space shuttle in the form of retaining rings used in hinge points, windows and doors. It is also used in ultra-high vacuum and European nuclear research. The macor ceramic components are also used in the central large hadron particle accelerator.

Macor ceramics are now more widely used:

(1) Electronic application


Precision coil former (high precision and dimensional stability)

High voltage insulator (smooth surface and not affected by arc)

(2) Laser application

Gaskets, cavities and reflectors in laser components (precision machining and heat resistance)

(3) High vacuum application

Thermal fracture in high temperature processing equipment.

Coil support and vacuum feedthrough (vacuum stable and sealable)

(4) Aerospace/Aerospace Industry

Retaining rings on hinges, windows, and doors of NASA space shuttles

Supports and components in multiple satellite carrier systems (thermal insulation and electrical insulation)

(5) Nuclear Industry

Fixtures and reference blocks in the generator set (dimensions are not affected by radiation)

 From this we can see how extensive the use of macor ceramics is. The same thing is that these fields have very high precision requirements for macor ceramic products, so the precision processing technology of macor ceramics is also very important. We have many years of experience in the precision processing technology of macor ceramics in Huamin Ceramics. In the next article, we will briefly talk about the processing technology of macor ceramics, so stay tuned.

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