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The difference between ceramic plunger pump and stainless steel plunger pump
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Most agree that a plunger pump will provide the best performance and long-term value for applications that require sustained low flow at high pressure. Industry examples might include commercial cleaning, spraying, chemical injection, and pest control. As part of the decision to deploy a plunger pump into your system, you need to consider which options and accessories to choose. A major decision is the choice of pump material.

In addition to the pump body material, the material composition of the plunger itself requires careful consideration. Here, ceramic and stainless steel plungers and their properties will be evaluated to help determine the most suitable location for each.

What is a plunger pump?

Plunger Pumps: Known as piston pumps as well as positive displacement pumps, have a smooth cylindrical plunger that reciprocates back and forth, creating pressure and forcing liquid through an outlet valve.


Advantages of Ceramic Piston Pumps

To the layman, ceramics may seem like a delicate material that is not suitable for high pressure pump applications. In contrast, ceramic plungers are very durable, especially in systems that come into contact with aggressive chemicals. In general, ceramic plungers can cost a little more than stainless steel, but are required in some applications.

Some ceramic plungers are ceramic coated, but many pumps have solid ceramic plungers made of alumina/zirconia ceramic with a smooth, non-porous surface. Ceramic plungers are ideal for applications that require the use of aggressive chemicals, such as pest control, disinfection and desalination. Ceramics will not rust and will not deteriorate when exposed to most chemicals, salt water, cleaning solvents and other aggressive liquids.

The use of ceramic plunger pump

Dust suppression

Atomization and Evaporative Cooling

soft wash

pest control


chemical injection

Reverse Osmosis and Desalination

Advantages of stainless steel plunger pumps

Stainless steel plunger pumps are another popular choice for pumping systems. The inherent mechanical strength of stainless steel makes it suitable for applications that need to withstand vibration, thermal shock or shock. For example, pump equipment is towed to a truck bed or to a pump under very high pressure. Granted, there is some crossover in terms of applications. Like ceramic plungers, stainless steel plungers are often chemically resistant, for example, they are suitable for pest control.

Stainless steel plunger pump use

hard surface cleaning

Carpet Extractor

Powerful cleaning

pest control

Hydrostatic pressure test

Lawn and Agriculture

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