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The difference between alumina ceramics and ordinary ceramics
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The use of alumina ceramic materials in current industrial production can be said to be very extensive. Let me introduce the difference between alumina ceramics and ordinary ceramics.

It is understood that ordinary ceramics also contain a small amount of alumina, and the alumina ceramics we are talking about here have a content of more than 99%, so the hardness, fire resistance and other parameters are greater. So, what is the difference between alumina ceramics and ordinary ceramics? Let's explain in detail:


1. Ceramics such as alumina ceramics and zirconia ceramics use high-precision raw materials, so they are also called precision ceramics, special ceramics, and high-tech ceramics. Alumina ceramics are ceramics that can accurately control the composition of the tiger's cave and have different properties.

2. Compared with ordinary ceramics, alumina ceramics are very different in composition and manufacturing process. Ordinary ceramics are completed through the three processes of raw material preparation, blank forming and kiln firing. Alumina Most of the ceramics are precision ceramic parts manufactured by powder sintering technology.

3. Due to the high hardness of ceramics, it is very difficult to cut and process non-aligned products with complex shapes, such as the turbocharger rotor of automobile engines, the teeth of medical food ceramics and other bioceramic products.

Therefore, alumina ceramics is a ceramic material with alumina as the main crystal. Used in thick film integrated circuits. Alumina ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. Alumina ceramics is a kind of ceramics with a wide range of uses. Because of its superior performance, it has become more and more widely used in modern society to meet the needs of daily use and special performance. Therefore, many things currently use alumina ceramics.

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