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The application of zirconia ceramics in various fields
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Zirconia ceramics have different physics and physical properties, low thermal conductivity, high toughness, high melting point, erosion, etc., and can also improve the impact toughness of zirconia ceramics, thereby completing the toughening of zirconia ceramic raw materials Enhance its credibility and the longevity of zirconia ceramics, which can make zirconia ceramics used in the broad market. The toughening technology of zirconia ceramics has always been a hot spot in ceramics research.

 First of all: Precision ceramics have unique physics and physical properties, such as high toughness, low thermal conductivity, high melting point, resistance to high temperature and corrosion, organic chemical plasticity and dual characteristics, which can only improve the impact of precision ceramics. Toughness, the completion of the toughening of raw materials, and the improvement of its credibility and service life, can make precision ceramics become a widely used new material. The toughening technology of zirconia ceramics has always been an important research object of zirconia ceramics.


  Secondly: The physical properties of zirconia are very stable. Zirconia ceramics have very good heat resistance and high temperature damage resistance, and can also be used as high temperature ceramic coatings and high temperature fire products. It can also be added to other refractory insulation materials to improve the flame retardancy of zirconia ceramics. The refractory insulation materials of zirconia ceramic materials mainly include: ceramic die water parts, ceramic refractory fibers, ceramic crucibles, ceramic hollow ball refractories, etc. These materials are mainly used in metallurgy and silicate industries.

  In high temperature conditions, zirconia ceramics have electrical conductivity, especially after adding thickeners, its thermal conductivity will be higher, and the high strength and ductility of zirconia ceramics can be made into zirconia fuels Methanol rechargeable battery. In addition, piezoelectric materials produced from the main components of zirconia ceramics have long been widely used.

  Zirconia ceramics are commonly used dental restoration materials and surgical tools in the biomedical field. Zirconia ceramic teeth have good transparency, biocompatibility and quality. At present, some researchers have successfully used zirconia materials to make artificial bones for medical purposes.


  As for the practical functions and advantages of zirconia ceramics in various fields, I will share with you here. As a structural component of consumer electronics, zirconia ceramics have strong vitality. In particular, zirconia ceramics have been proven to be excellent structural materials in many fields such as optical communications, industry, and medical care, and have entered the field of consumer electronics. If you want to know more about zirconia ceramics, please consult Huamin Ceramics.

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