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Precautions for machining alumina ceramic arms
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Alumina ceramics can be said to be a material with extremely high hardness, which means that it is very difficult to process. Alumina ceramic arms are used in the semiconductor industry, mainly responsible for the handling of wafer manufacturing, and have relatively high requirements for processing accuracy. Processing technology is also a difficult point in the industry. Huamin Ceramics has solved the problem of edge chipping during ceramic processing.

The most common machine tools for precision machining of alumina ceramics are: CNC engraving machine, surface grinder, internal and external cylindrical grinder, etc. The main ones are the processing technology of CNC engraving machine and surface grinder.

First of all, the alumina ceramic processing process is generally processed with a surface grinder, for example, a grinder is used to open the material and grind the reference surface. Usually, it is best to control the feed amount in the grinding process at about 0.03mm, and it is more suitable to use a diamond resin grinding wheel.

As for the particle size of the grinding wheel, it can be selected according to the required surface roughness. In general, it is recommended to choose between 150-400 mesh. Usually, the back-end process of many materials still requires engraving and milling machines. In fact, you can use a grinder to process the size closest to the finished product, and then use a CNC engraving machine for processing. On the one hand, it can effectively reduce the number of engraving and milling machines. On the other hand, it can greatly improve the processing efficiency and reduce the processing cost.Secondly, the precautions for the CNC engraving machine processing process: After the grinding machine is used, the next step is to use the CNC engraving machine to punch holes and special-shaped surfaces of the ceramic arms. If the CNC engraving machine is not careful, it will cause the material to collapse or break, so special attention must be paid during the processing. The phenomenon of edge chipping is most likely to occur in the process of CNC engraving machine, especially in the process of piercing the ceramic body, this phenomenon is particularly obvious.

The method to solve the chipping of the ceramic arm:

When trial cutting of alumina ceramics, it is necessary to master its basic characteristics. The next step is to slowly adjust the force, feed rate and pass. According to the feed of alumina ceramics, it is recommended that the F value should not exceed 1000mm/min; the feed should not exceed 0.01mm. However, the specific value mainly depends on the material properties and the grinding rod used. It should be emphasized here that due to different manufacturers, particle sizes and process grinding rods, the setting of processing parameter values is also different, and it is very difficult to give a fixed value. However, we use a CNC ceramic engraving machine, which has obvious advantages in ceramic processing accuracy and processing efficiency.

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