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Features of Ceramic Plungers
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The ceramic plunger adopts the high hardness and wear resistance of technical ceramic materials. The ceramic plunger is connected by ceramic and stainless steel bonding, welding, inlay and socket technology. It is an ideal substitute for metal pumps and has been widely used in medical equipment, environmental engineering, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

Features of the ceramic plunger:

1. The ceramic plunger is made of high-performance structural ceramic material, which has high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. To ensure reliable material performance.

2. The microporous structure obtained by the unique processing method on the working surface of the ceramic plunger has a self-lubricating effect, which changes the sliding friction and lubrication mechanism of the traditional plunger pump.

3. The surface of the inner cavity adopts a fluid structure, and there is no dead angle or groove. The surface of the inner cavity and the surface of the plunger are processed to a mirror surface by an advanced high-precision inner and outer cylindrical grinder, and the outer surface is vibrated and polished, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

4. The structure of the pump body is finely sealed with the product structure, which is convenient for disassembly.

5. These products have been tested for corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and safety performance, and their indicators have reached the level of similar foreign products.

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